‘Tea for Two’ as played by the legendary Art Tatum w/sheet music. Note: – Audio comes from the Zenph re-performance of Tatum’s original 1933 rendition of the…

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23 thoughts on “Art Tatum – Tea for Two (Audio+Sheet Music)

  1. Cory Hall says:

    as amazing as this is, I wish his OTHER version of Tea for Two was as
    available as this as far as technology is concerned.

  2. Pianosolo - Il primo portale sul pianoforte says:

    La versione di Tea for Two di Art Tatum è un classico in tutti i sensi!
    Ascoltiamocela! :)

  3. Peter Brown says:

    Who on earth transcribed this?? What an amazing labour of love. To see
    Art’s improvisations in notatation was a first for me and makes how he
    played seem all the more incredible. Art Tatum for me was is the greatest
    jazz musician of any era. Of that there is no doubt.

  4. ErsatzMoose says:

    There’s not enough time in this universe before it dies from heat death for
    me to learn this and get the swing right.

  5. bkgangstapianist says:

    It HAD to have been done on a computer and not by ear. The reason I say
    this is because of the odd notation choices. It’s excepted that certain
    notes and rhythms should be swung and delayed. This was either transcribed
    by a classical musician (which I doubt, since they usually don’t have the
    extensive ear training of a jazz musician) or through a computer/ software
    program. However, it is still marvelous to be able to see what he’s playing
    as you listen.

  6. Santosificationable says:

    What’s interesting however is that if you took the time to copy the exact
    notes of this transcription to a midi file creator, the result would sound
    almost exactly like he played (except the nuances). I’ve tried a few bars
    and the syncopation in this sheet music appears to be accurate (except
    perhaps for the extremely fast triplet runs, although they are close).

  7. Jose Luis Mendez Silva says:

    Me- “Wow, that left hand…and how does he keeps it so clean? pedaling
    every chord a little bit?”
    Piano teacher- ” Art Tatum was a superiod pianist”

    Well I guess that answers my question haha

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