PianoClubhouse.com “Grace notes” can add a great deal of fluidness to your melody when applied in the correct way! Here are some tips to get you started on t…

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14 thoughts on “♫♫ PIANO TUTORIAL: Adding “Grace Notes” to your style ♫♫

  1. ashleyjanais says:

    of the 14yrs (+) i’ve been playing piano, i’ve never seen grace notes. i
    just learned about them and that sort of irritates me. well, my question is
    if playing all the notes in between the grace note (A) to C how was the
    very last part written. you went C to Db to B then finished on F. how is
    that written with a grace note?

  2. laresh17 says:

    I’d second this question, along with “is there a rule or guideline of what
    *not* to play”? Some that I’ve tried haven’t sounded nearly as good! 🙂

  3. captainjack77 says:

    I’m not sure if they would be considered grace notes, but I am having a
    tough time playing the short, rapid, pick up (grace notes) that are
    separated by a whole tone. I can play the semi to full tone grace notes
    just fine, but the separation by one or more full tones is giving me
    issues. Any ideas? For instance, a short rapid G, followed quickly by a
    short rapid B, followed by a longer, sustained E, all going up the piano.

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