Skyrim and Morrowind theme, adapted and played on the harp by Marion Le Solliec. A medley of Skyrim and Morrowind theme which came from the video game series…

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25 thoughts on “Skyrim – The Elder Scrolls – harp / harpe (Morrowind theme, Main theme)

  1. Dakota Keeney says:

    Advertising! People make money it probably had nothing to do with the zelda
    game on facebook but rather the facebook game.

  2. Dakota Keeney says:

    Well, I don’t really know that is the best I came up with, maybe Facebook
    was advertising for skyrim…

  3. Ricky Avila says:

    As a Gamer and a Musician I myself come to understand the nature of tone
    and I have to say it was Perfect every single tone exceeded my expectations
    and I have fell deeply in love with the music. <3

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