This is just a teaser for ROCK PAPER SCISSORS which is out now: Support me on Subbable: Let’s do…

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24 thoughts on “SHEET MUSIC

  1. alaric2003 says:

    Oh yeah… right… I thought you meant the upcoming yt channel… where
    *sheet* would also fit for *unfinished*…

  2. Alfredo Cifredo, Jr. says:

    Music Is Everywhere. Everything you hear in this piece of music was made
    using one pair of scissors and one large sheet of paper. Cool!

  3. DJ-RockStar says:

    Easy, now sample your toaster! That is cool but easy, just use your sampler
    or iPhone to record anything and cut it on iMovie or any video editing
    program. C’mon man. Do that paper sound stuff baked, naked and vomiting all
    over that nice wood floor – and record it..

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