Oh My Gosh, I’m in love with this song! This is the latest Miley Cyrus song “Wrecking Ball” from her upcoming album ‘Bangerz’ releasing on October 8, 2013! H…

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20 thoughts on “Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus Piano Cover/Instrumental (With Sheet Music/MIDI)

  1. sketchandprank says:

    actaully if I could use this for my parody song, which I’m hoping will get
    a lot of views if I get it up by friday, I would link to this, this is so

  2. Rachey CaneXD says:

    hey this is amazing, I’m doing a wrecking ball parody and would love it if
    I could use this? Ill give you full credit :3 xx

  3. Chocoroko says:

    Hey, great cover! Do you mind if I use this for a parody I’m working on for
    ZeldaUniverse? 🙂 You will get credit and we will link to your channel!

  4. TheMarsGaming says:

    I love these cover.So i hope that you don’t mind if i use it for a
    minecraft parody song ? :D

  5. dlrbghg says:

    everyone hates this song
    but besides music video(of course!)
    i love it!
    i love your version soo much XD 

  6. Tjandra Tan says:

    hi there, i tried to download your arrangement from your web, but its said
    no longer available. Any other way i could get it?

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