25 thoughts on “Wiz Khalifa – See You Again (Furious 7 Soundtrack) | Piano Cover by Pianistmiri 이미리

  1. alex ela says:

    Beautiful !
    Be careful, stereo doesn’t works properly : right and left are reversed
    (treble sound usually more on right than left on a piano). You should
    apply a 180 rotation to your microphone (treble would be recorded by the
    right part of your mic and lows by the left part) it would sound more
    natural to ear. You see what I mean ?
    Great job otherwise ! :)

  2. Your Mang Wilson says:

    this is really good and i love the song; could you please do la la la by
    naughty boy feat sam smith or all night by icona pop

  3. Dennis Dyballa says:

    Very nice arrangement Miri!
    We both did a piano cover of this song on the same day and I love to see
    how different pianists arrange songs differently and thus put their own
    spin on them 🙂
    By the way, It’s always great to see how much joy you have while playing,
    that really helps conveying the emotions! :)

  4. Vivianne Villanueva says:

    Amazing miri! I love all of your covers 🙂 i hope i could be like you

    Could you please make a cover of First Step by Hans Zimmer from the movie

  5. troy hicks says:

    I think you mean “See you again” by Charlie Puth. He is the one that wrote
    the song and the music. Wiz just showed up and rapped

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