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25 thoughts on “Warriors (League of Legends) ~ Piano arrangement w/ sheet music!

  1. HollowRiku - Moisés Nieto says:

    I’m sorry I’m quite late with this! Here you are my Warriors piano cover,
    from LoL! Hope you like it! c:

  2. lassesans says:

    Awsome! I’m so happy you uploaded the sheets too,there aren’t many that
    does that anymore 😉 Nice arrangement too. 

  3. ihitpro says:

    MIDI file? Love your stuff since the start man
    Ur version impressed me the most apart from grp performances on this song
    I listened to every kind of way warriors is played on piano to guitar and
    so far this is my fav
    Keep it up! Ur my inspiration to be good at piano even thought I’m at grade

  4. valereistwang says:

    Ahhhh!! I love this so much!! I would always just leave the log in page
    open so I could listen to this song on repeat 🙂 You did a great job <3

  5. snowywhitte says:

    some crazy left hand arpeggios over there… nice job but was the camera
    shaking or was it the piano HAHA

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