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23 thoughts on “VSMC42 Pachelbel’s Canon

  1. lilcheerchicka says:

    @emilythathyperkid i thought the same thinggg. haha but i figured it was
    gonna get harderr

  2. PDVideoSheetMusic says:

    @MusicBeSweetYo I just hate C# on the the flute – it’s so airy and hollow
    and hard to tune.

  3. PDVideoSheetMusic says:

    @Kittiez293 I like Pachelbel’s Canon, except that it suffers from
    over-play. As soon as you hear the first two notes on the Cello – you
    think…oh oh, here we go again 😀

  4. PDVideoSheetMusic says:

    @MaddieNae101 Yes, it’s surprising how suddenly it goes fast like that…it
    kind of lulls you into a zombie like state with the slow music, then BAM!

  5. MrFluteguy1 says:

    practiced and practiced and i now know how to play it on oboe and
    flute….. (: i know how to do flute vibrato but i cant do it on oboe….i
    need practice

  6. PDVideoSheetMusic says:

    I can’t tell you how much I love hearing mini-stories like that! Thank you
    for sharing and CONGRATULATIONS!

  7. Sarah Madden says:

    This works great for violin too! I think I might right the notes on paper
    tho for easier practicing. 😉 Thnks!

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