I transcribed the notes for the song. It’s not perfect, but it works. Sorry for any inconveniences. http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y261/tigimzack/pics/Symp…

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25 thoughts on “Versailles – Sympathia (piano) NOTES INCLUDED

  1. narutosas456753159 says:

    can you make a tutorial?? for me its rally hard to rad tabs for piano and
    im sure alot of people too

  2. Syzzyz says:

    That is so amazing! I love that song and you’re playing that well ^^ I peg
    you so much, can you make a tutorial? I watched evilvampirevows’s tutorial
    but it wasn’t so good :/ I want tutorial where is both hands notes. I tried
    to play all song but I make mistakes all the time 😀 And I can’t play it
    with left hand… That’s the problem. I hope you understand me, because I’m
    not good at English 😉

  3. xLinaChansDEADx says:

    Uh… I barely understood that, but uh… Versailles happens to be one of
    MY favorite groups as well. And yes, this Sympathia intro was DECENT
    because the intro isn’t all that hard to hear. Although it was good and the
    chords were correct, the actual notation needs work, because to me, theres
    no excuse for missing the thirds that were so plain to hear in the song.

  4. pummichel says:

    upps, lo siento… poco entendí lo que dijiste, pero entendí xD El error
    fue mio, por alguna razón no se me reprodujo el playing que ella (o él)
    está haciendo sino q solo se reprodujo el intro de la verdadera canción,
    por eso cuando mensionaste ”Decent” pense q te referias a ese. El intro
    por lo que escucho es algo facil de interpretar, pero ya q ”al fin” pude
    escuchar su cover pienso tambien q es decente n.ñ

  5. xLinaChansDEADx says:

    Lol. Well, I’m sorry for being picky, I’m not like this to be an ass. I
    have really well-trained ears for piano, so I can’t handle mistakes well.
    It was nice discussing music with you.

  6. Kelly Keoveunxay says:

    cool. i tried playing your version, but it’s not working for me… probably
    cuz of an electric keyboard… lol Can u play the outro to this song?

  7. Stephen Cookus says:

    @narutosas456753159 I recommend trying to read the piano music anyway. If
    you can learn how to read piano music, you can do so much more than just
    play by ear. It’s definitely worth it.

  8. Carlos A. V. B. V. says:

    amigo…friend…please …sacate la partitura de versailles ….ascendead
    master….por ….favor….as echo un excelente cover-….por favor

  9. TheLacrimosa1991 says:

    @narutosas456753159 I agree :C Make a tutorial please! a lot of fans will
    thanks you :C

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