Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updated lately, I have been very busy in the last few weeks, and I couldn’t find the time to complete my new sheet. But today, I finally managed to complete…

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24 thoughts on “Unravel – Tokyo Ghoul OP [piano]

  1. Patt1566 says:

    Da will man grade schlafen gehen und dann kommt da doch noch dein Unravel
    Cover xD Jetzt muss ich mir das erstmal ne Stunde lang in Dauerschleife
    anhören 😀 Hab mich schon sehr darauf gefreut und ist wieder ein geiles
    Cover geworden, danke Animenz :)

  2. Machine River says:

    It’s great. I like it. My favorite anime pianists on youtube are you and
    ishter. And although you guys have some of the same covers, you each have
    your own unique style and I really like both of them. I’m not mad or upset.
    This is a great cover. I’m just curious as to why you chose the first one
    over the new opening which has a strong piano element.

  3. Sebgear says:

    This was so incredibly impressive. You went so fast that it almost seemed
    like it was sped up, mainly because the frame-rate just wouldn’t keep up. I
    highly doubt you’re getting even a fraction of the amount of recognition an
    artist with your level of skill and devotion should be getting. It has been
    my pleasure enjoying another one of your marvelous piano covers. Well done!

  4. z.Noctis.z says:

    This is absolute crap. Why would someone make a cover of this song for
    piano? It sounds so bad. I can’t believe people actually liked this video…

    AWESOME (・∀・)! !!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! 

  5. Diamondketo Piano says:

    Where are the rest of the anime pianist in the comments? Anyways…THAT
    EARGASM O.O!! Insta-download and saved to my phone playlist.

  6. Sean Tanabe says:

    Great cover as always animenz!~~<3

    I'm always scared to watch your covers since I will probably never be able
    to play them. Ever.
    Well its animenz we're talking about lol.
    great take on unravel, though I like Ishters better… you know… cuz its
    actually PLAYABLE.
    kay bye

  7. Anime pianist Narutimate77~ says:

    The dexterity I dream to have #_@….
    The ending was flawless and nearly everything was great. Not sure why but I
    found this arrangement to give a different vibe rather than being emotional
    and mellow they were very upbeat and bright. 

  8. PaintAMelody says:

    Holy shit your left hand has this echo effect that makes the piece sound
    brilliantly haunting! Filling the melody gaps with left hand notes (I see
    this a lot in most of your transcriptions) really make it sound cool,
    especially at 0:30.

  9. ZackyAnimePiano~ says:

    SUPER GOOD!!!!

    0:28 to 0:36 – Holy shet it sounds like you’re firing a machine gun, and
    then an even stronger one.
    Then those fast arpeggios 😀
    Then those right hand with that many notes action which I don’t know what
    it is but look so cool 😀
    2:20 to 2:29 – Dat sudden crescendo! 😀 DAMN
    3:19 those jumps HOLY SHETTT!

    This video came in just in time for my exams, it’s tomorrow, I’m gonna put
    this on repeat all the way, for 100% motivation :D

  10. Anime/Game Pianist KZMAC says:

    YAY~ been waiting for this ! <3
    Brilliant Arrangement ~ It's too EPIC!!!! A Million times better than mine
    while i did mine in like roughly 2 hours in a simple way, i can't imagine
    the countless hours u have put into this, it's so much effort.

    1:58 to 2:13 my favorite part XD crazy fast arpeggios ~

  11. ~ishter-kun~ says:

    Really really inspiring. This time it seems like you really have your
    “Animenz Style” nailed down. … I’m still working on my “Ishter Style”
    though 😛

    gg bro~

  12. KriegDerWaschmittel says:

    Love to see how you’ve grown over the past 4-5 years.
    I’d wonder how your first arrangements on the channel would sound if you’d
    arrange them today (despite the soundquality 😉 )
    *leaves idea here and hopes he gets inspired*

  13. Yukishy says:

    Großartiges Cover wie immer, Animenz.
    Ich hab da nur noch eine Frage: Hast du vor den Tippfehler im Titel bei
    deinem Duett mit Ishter von “Jiyuu no tsubasa” noch zu beheben? Du hast da
    geschrieben “Shineki no Kyojin” statt “Shingeki no Kyojin”. Ich hab das
    recht oft gesehen in den Kommentaren und da dachte ich: Sachste ihm das
    doch mal. Jeder macht mal Fehler ^-^

    Great cover as always, Animenz.
    But there is still a question I want to ask: Do you want to fix the title
    of your duet with Ishter of “Jiyuu no tsubasa”? You wrote “Shineki no
    Kyojin” and not “Shingeki no kyojin”. I read this a lot of times in the
    comments and so I thought: Let´s say this to him. Everyone makes
    mistakes^-^ Me too with my crappy English 😉

    PS: Ich weiß, dass du Deutsch kannst, aber ich dachte einfach, dass das
    alle Lesen sollten. Das liegt nämlich einigen auf der Seele und da wollte
    ich, dass die wissen, dass du das schon weißt. Nicht das du irgendwann nur
    noch Kommentare bekommst, wo drinsteht: “Ey du hascht da nen Fehler
    gemacht” So ist das zwar hier in der Community nicht, aber man kann ja nie
    wissen. Wenn das nur Deutsch wäre, dann wäre das ja unfair. Ich wollte dich
    aber nicht demütigen oder so. So ist es ja nicht ^-^

  14. Tang William says:

    Is that Steinway And Sons Piano yours???
    I’m just curious about it cuz you use this Steinway to play
    with every video you make and it’s really really cool ^_^

  15. Kells Piano says:

    0:28 just killed me. That was sexy as fuck. The left hand arpeggios going
    down at the chorus at 1:03 were played smoothly. Then that “UNRAVEL
    GHOULLLLLLL” at 1:57, and classic Animenz runs appear lol. Those downward
    arpeggios in the right hand at 2:20 were 2fast4me. I really liked your left
    hand hops at 3:20.

    But the REAL question is…when are you gonna insert some La campanella
    hops in the right hand in one of your covers :3?

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