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11 thoughts on “Tum hi ho + THEME (Aashiqui2) | Piano Tutorial + MusicSheet + MIDI — Dhruv Gandhi

  1. Anup Payyakkil says:

    Much easier scale to play than the original. Could you please send me the
    sheet music and the midi, please? 

  2. the19888naruto says:

    Thanks bro but it took me time to achieve it from the video. Can you send
    me the MIDI?
    Subscribed + Liked + Favorite + Liked

  3. itsuka san says:

    i do all the step your demand check your tweeter ^^
    do you send me all kpop midi or piano midi you have please thx

  4. Anjali V 火と氷 says:

    Omg thanks so much!! I really have to learn this. I am taking piano class
    just so i can play this song

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