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24 thoughts on “Transformers (The Score) – “Arrival to Earth” (piano cover) [whole track]

  1. I am Optimus Prime, though we are not of Earth origin, it seems that we are
    here to say. Know this, if you approach this planet with hostile intent. We
    will defend ourselves, we will defend our home

  2. It will be my next video but of course it won’t be the same version as you.
    Congratulations, it’s beautiful!! I love all your videos! Don’t never stop
    to play the piano!!

  3. hapodjhoiaertjh iatj giotjgptaio ja

  4. Some people really should lose privileges to vote on YouTube videos… why
    the hell are there 32 dislikes on this video? Do people downvote because
    they are not talented enough to play a triangle? Or is it because they
    didn’t like the song? If so why do they listen to a song they don’t like at
    all and dislike a talented guy because of it? I am confused – please keep
    on creating fantastic videos Ray Xavier! kind regards from germany

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