Check out for a free intro course on Pop-Piano and to join the guest list of the launch of my brand new book ‘Hack the Piano’! The song in its whole (at least,…

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7 thoughts on “Thinking out loud – Ed Sheeran. Piano Cover – Tutorial by Piano Couture.

  1. Piano Couture says:

    Hi all! How’s this? A song in it’s whole so you can see the order of the
    parts and how it all plays out. Full tutorial coming up!

  2. boemboom2 says:

    Im Dutch too but I’ll just say it in English.
    This video was just amazing.
    I have just started about 7 months ago to play piano and my goal is to
    become as good as you!
    You are a great example for me.

    Greetings Eric

  3. Frankie BaobabTree says:

    Man on wire by Jose Vanders, Solace by Jose Vanders or I couldn’t want you
    anyway by Jack Garratt. All those songs have a great and emotional piano
    piece. Listen to them please.

  4. JustMe says:

    Awesome!! I’m looking forward to the full tutorial but in the meantime,
    I’ll make a head-start using this!

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