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24 thoughts on “The Mission – Bird Of Passage – piano cover

  1. Steve Castilloux says:

    VK how do you keep doing it? always, always top notch vids, thank you so
    much I enjoy greatly^^

  2. Tommy Tindall says:

    Only you can make a song I’ve never heard before feel as though I’ve known
    it my whole life.

  3. Александр Ермольев says:

    Excellent performance! Хорошая и вдохновенно сыгранная аранжировка.

  4. Hackintosh Slovakia says:

    this is the best song of my life and i mean the best in the galaxy, thanks
    for this cover

  5. Jack Kehoe says:

    Vika is a master at lightly, so passively, drawing feelings softly from

    Anyone hearing must come near as hypnoticly lyrical feelings begin

    All those she so smoothly pulled in so close can sense it coming, … but
    can’t move.

    Then Vika STRIKES !

    One decisive “Vika Note” let’s you know you’re in the grasp of her
    beautiful snare.

    No excape now.

    … you’ve got to hear her whole story.

    For Vika … this one was kinda mellow and so clearly developed as she let
    it unfold extra clearly with her fantastic artistic precision.


    This Lady’s got a whole lot of different other stories….. and no one ever
    excapes !

    Spasybi … ledi chyya ridna mova Muzyka.


  6. John Edwards says:

    My heart just came to life. So incredibly beautiful VK! I love your
    versions of songs many times more than the original. You started me
    listening to HIM 🙂 I think you changed my life honey! Much love from NW
    Florida Gulf coast! 

  7. Classical Jams - Passionate Piano says:

    Vika, this is my first exposure to this band and I have nothing to compare
    it to, but I don’t need to 🙂 What you did is beautiful and soulful! All
    I know is that your mastery draws the listeners in close and does not let
    them go again until you are finished playing! You created such a fantastic
    accompaniment and beautiful harmonies and the melody is woven in so
    expertly. I love this mellow piece of music you have created. Such an
    inspiration you are 🙂 ~Jackie 

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