This is my own arrangement of 5 different songs from Pixar’s “The Incredibles” for brass quintet and drumset. It is done almost entirely by ear. The lead tru…

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25 thoughts on “The Incredibles for Brass Quintet Sheet Music

  1. megatick16 says:

    The Double C isn’t the hardest part. The two octave jump from middle C to
    Double C is the hardest part.

  2. LowReedExpert1 says:

    Don’t worry, i got wayne’s and arturo’s lips in my case. Double C’s no
    problem lol

  3. LowReedExpert1 says:

    Something tells me this sound would be great with mellophone or
    mellophonium replacing F horn, y’know to match the trumpet and trombone
    timbre? Could be great either way

  4. megatick16 says:

    I know there won’t be a MuseScore file since it was done in Finale, but
    could you upload the MusicXML file please? I want to create a trumpet
    ensemble out of this arrangement. If not, I can stick to transcription :)

  5. grizzly_wolf76 says:

    Reese, your sheet music is great. Keep up the great work. I love watching
    these videos.

  6. peguesemiles43 says:

    At 8:00 the 4th measure after the trombone and tuba go up that short
    chromatic scale the horn and both trumpets have a finger gliss. Just a
    minor suggestion but this score was amazing! I loved it!

  7. TecH Dynamic says:

    After listening a couple times, you start to realize how much of the same
    meledy are used through out the whole regular score.

  8. iCANhazRECON says:

    Kind of a random and silly question, but have you ever thought of doing
    arrangements of Video Game themes? A seemingly easy one to do would be the
    theme from something like Myth: History in the Making

  9. Marco Herrera Rendon says:

    wow! Getting all these notes almost entirely by ear is a very difficult
    challenge, and the orchestration sounds great!

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