Slower version with notes i made for the people who asked, or need : Hey, In this video im teaching you how to pl…

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25 thoughts on “The Harry potter theme song – piano (easy, one hand).

  1. Maryanne Smart says:

    Hey alwaysimmer, I’m a piano teacher just looking for some new stuff to
    teach my students. May I suggest looking at some piano books/youtube
    tutorials on technique for getting around the keyboard? Your hands are
    getting into some weird positions trying to hit those notes. If you don’t
    already, practice your scales with the correct fingering, that’ll help you
    know which fingers to use when you get to pieces like this.

  2. Olivia Prazmo says:

    Would you have the actual sheet music for this song? Because all the ones
    that I’ve been searching up have chords in the bass, and I just need the
    one hand version.

  3. Malin Moqvist says:

    This was very helpful! Can you please make a video when you does this song
    with both hands?

  4. Cora Barczak says:

    wow, thanks so much for the tutorial! its amazing, and now i can play it
    all the time 😀 you’re great. thanks for putting this out there

  5. Ronn Kalju says:

    OMG PLZ! I see you dont even know what is piano. and you are not playing it
    right! NOT RIGHT! NOT AWESOME .. UGLY!!!!!!! I,m sorry but you have
    to learn very much. And your fingers…. I,m not gonna talk about it. I,m
    sorry but it made me angry idk why.

  6. Najia Elysse says:

    Stop hating she doesn’t care what ur saying about her playing too fast and
    stuff ps always simmer ur the best piano player

  7. Sweetcc25 says:

    Thank you for this, I am a Harry Potter nerd, and I LOVE to play the piano.
    I try SUPER hard, but I couldn’t figure it out! Thanks,

  8. Ich Du says:

    when u make a tutorial then do it right
    when u where a well piano player so u hear that its wrong
    sry but its not right look your notes again an play it right ^^

  9. Mmd Miku says:

    It wasn’t perfect, some notes really missed the real octaves and what not,
    but I assume this is played by ear? So it is pretty good for being played
    by ear. I know the song with both hands so if you want I could say what
    notes are wrong. Ofcourse it’s nit necessary if you don’t want to. Please
    don’t take this offensive.

  10. Megan Hayward says:

    This really helps but I am quite slow and didn’t manage to catch the notes
    please could u comment with the note? It would be a great help! Don’t worry
    If you can’t

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