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[The Furious 7 OST] – See You Again – Piano Cover – Wiz Khalifa
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24 thoughts on “[The Furious 7 OST] – See You Again – Piano Cover – Wiz Khalifa

  1. hubert Yara says:

    You are the master! 🙂 How long time have you spent on learning? Not about
    this song but playing on the piano.
    (Sorry If I made some mistakes but I’m not so good in english ;/)

  2. Sirik Nil says:

    No disappointed after missing and waiting for you almost a month . I’ve
    already listened to the original and don’t think I really like it but it’s
    you made me love this song , thanks Sergi xxx :)

  3. Kayla James says:

    This video literally gave me chills seeing the passion you had for the
    song. Great job ❤️

  4. David Estioco says:

    Ooh! Nice. I like how I can see your fingers clearly with it and also that
    Midi scroll too!

    And very nice technical skills and runs =P I can assume you were trained
    classically to achieve this level of expertise?

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