The three main themes from The Elder Scrolls III to V. 00:00 – Nerevar Rising 01:54 – Reign of the Septims 03:44 – Dragonborn.

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25 thoughts on “The Elder Scrolls III – V Main Themes – Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim

  1. bloodspilla55 says:

    I love how Oblivion had the least quality out of any TES game. The voice
    acting in Oblivion was atrocious.

  2. PSpainter says:

    Man i feel ya for Oblivion, i havent had the honor to play Morrowind but
    damn I WANT OBLIVION BACK, i as a stupid child sold it and like they say
    your first Elder Scrolls is the best Elder Scrolls.

  3. michael rosenstock says:

    all fallout games has the same Barter System from fallout 1 2 tactics 3 new
    vegas and hopefully 4

  4. thomas berendt says:

    skyrim’s spell system with Morrowind’s spell selection/customization
    because i would like to have all the spells and be able to modify them to
    what my ability allows but still either be able to spell and sword it or
    duel cast to make them more powerful plus mark and recall came in handy
    when you were over burdened and needed to sell stuff or store it for later.

  5. Brendan Garvey says:

    I’ve always felt the themes became less powerful and stirring as the games
    progressed. Morrowind’s is the most anthem worthy, with the bigger build
    and biggest drop. Oblivion starts promisingly but doesn’t match the “hairs
    standing up” factor of The Morrowind theme… The sequence at 3:00 minutes
    has great potential but isn’t nailed with a massive swelling climax
    afterwards. (wow, dirty talk!)
    And I never hear more than 30seconds of the Skyrim theme before the game
    loads and my personal settings mute it… But again, I don’t think it
    matches Morrowind, although it echoes the chord pattern.
    There’s something about the repetitive build-up that makes Nerevar Rising
    the most epic, and I think, true theme of TES.

  6. christopher crawfish says:

    Lets all agree that skyrim was amazing just as the other ones but what is
    the difference in gravity between morrowind cyrodil and skyrim i mean is it
    like 5x greater in skyrim so if u fall five feet ur dead cause in morrowind
    with vampirism and spring heel jack boots and a maxed out acrobatics i
    could jump over houses lol

  7. ExtrovertGaming says:

    I prefer Morrowind over Skyrim (themesong that is) I’v never been much of
    an elder scrolls fan but I still enjoy Skyrim.

  8. Linderhoth says:

    Skyrim was great but cyrodil and morrowind were just too good for me and
    skyrim hasnt been as good as them.

  9. Spartacus4119 says:

    Morrowind’s theme is smooth and some what emotional.
    Oblivion’s theme is short and heroic.
    Skyrim’s theme is long and epic!

  10. MaliciousGravy says:

    Ugh, if the device thingy from Sword Art Online was real with these games
    and the upcoming ESO I will go insane. Childish dream, but, hey, it’s just
    a dream.

  11. Bloody useless says:

    Morrowind I’ve played the least, but its theme song is easily my favourite
    of the three arrangements.

  12. Abaddon133 says:

    All of the last 3 Elder Scrolls incarnations had BRILLIANT themes.

    Even though it’s short, the Morrowind one in particular is so beautiful and
    sublime, it can bring me to tears just listening to it.

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