Presenting The Band Perry If I Die Young Sheet Music. This is a song by American band The Country Music. The song was extracted as the second official single from the band’s debut album, The Band Perry, released in 2010.

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Song ratings

“If I Die Young” debuted at position 57 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs May 29, 2010 and appeared in position 92 on the Hot 100 July 24, 2010. October 2010, the song starts in the top 10 Hot Country Songs and Hot 100’s top 20. December 11, 2010, the song reached the top position Hot Country Songs, became the first singles champion of the group on this chart.

Early in 2011, the song was remix pop style and is played on pop radio stations. This has helped “If I Die Young” back of the Billboard charts. June 11, 2011, the song entered the Billboard Pop Songs in position 36 and position 29 Adult Contemporary. Week June 25 release, the song became the Hot 100 in 46th position. Since then, it has been his new position 14.

The song had 2,000,000 paid downloads in the U.S. alone, becoming the first 11 songs in the history of this achievement.

The Official Video

Music video for “If I Die Young” directed by David McClister, was broadcast May 27, 2010 on CMT. Opening video is a scene in the house band played (as well as through video images ). Then, cameras recording the scene of Kimberly Berry brothers (two of the band members) to carry out a river boat. Once she is on the boat, her two children to push it down to the water. In her hand holding a poetry of Tennyson, including The Lady of Shalott poem. Kimberly’s mother and her lover that she is very sad to leave them. Finally, she turned up when people realize the boat is starting to sink. Then two boys came to her and save her home with her. The mother and her lover are very happy and to hug her.

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