The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Main Theme by Jeremy Soule Official Soundtrack UPDATED: 5th Dec 2011 —————————— ORIGINAL LYRICS: ———-…

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25 thoughts on “TES V: Skyrim – Main Theme Full High Quality with Lyrics

  1. WimpyLightning says:

    Kahjiit* And why Kahjiit warrior? Kahjiit are mainly thieves, I wouldn’t
    really see one as a warrior.

  2. Wisdomspear says:

    700 hours is only about 29 and a half full 24 hour days it’s been 1 and
    half years since Skyrim’s release, it’s been almost 10,000 hours since the
    release, 700 hours is barely anything to that. And also Steam cannot lie,
    and that’s one of two video games that I play at all.

  3. prorrie says:

    Want to know why? Because 12 year old kids masturbate over your video’s and
    avatar because you’re a pretty girl. Because honestly, if you were just
    another simple soul of this brew like us, you’d be flagged as spam.

  4. Wisdomspear says:

    I highly doubt that, the type of comments I’ve seen that get liked are far
    more lame. And wasn’t referring to the fact that my comment was thumbed up.
    I was referring to the fact that you wont shut up about it, so apparently
    *you* care. In the negative meaning of the word “care”.

  5. MakingEachDayCount says:

    I always start skyrim, listen to the theme for 20 min, and then, play the
    game :p

  6. gallantmon8 says:

    Listen to this, then listen to Sovngarde. Then you will understand why
    Jeremy Soule is so damn awesome.

  7. D.J. Hettinger says:

    When I’m listening to this song: “Oh… I can’t do anything! I’m not strong
    and,,, wait… what’s this hairy substance getting larger and larger on my
    chest? Are my muscles getting bigger?! WHAT IS GOING ON!?

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