Taylor Swift – Out Of The Woods Cover: http://youtu.be/xiAF3QBdkD0 !!! Taylor Swift – Blank Space: http://youtu.be/IKfBr9OgyO8 Taylor Swift – Welcome To …

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25 thoughts on “Taylor Swift – Blank Space Tutorial (How To Play On Piano)

  1. Serena Ha says:

    I would like too request a tutorial on how to play I love you too much from
    the book of life please 

  2. De Day says:

    omygoodness! youre truely great. thank you for teaching us!
    thank you for providing us full music sheets too!
    however why do you omit some songs e.g. maroon 5 love somebody ):

  3. Cami Reda says:

    Please please can you do the entire song of never be alone by shawn
    mendes????? Pleaseeee

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