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25 thoughts on “Taylor Swift – Blank Space | Piano Cover by Pianistmiri 이미리

  1. Elizabeth T. says:

    Your Piano covers are Amazing! But, it’ll be more helpful for the singers
    if you would play it at normal speed :)

  2. Alana Clark says:

    This is my favorite cover you’ve done of Taylor Swift! Thanks! Please do
    “Style” by Taylor as well please! 

  3. Savannah Smith says:

    Btw since your a professional pianist can you play one of a very famous
    piece? It’s called Fur Elise by Beethoven, because you play songs that are
    really big and new I thought you could just play this classical one if you
    haven’t already played it.

  4. sanam s says:

    I love your covers and I would love to hear can’t fight this feeling
    anymore by reo speedwagon it’s old but piano would be flawless and give me
    shivers xox

  5. Siobhan McMinn says:

    Do you have MP3’s we could download, paid for of course. I’d love to play
    this music at my wedding

  6. Duaa Abdullah says:

    omg! you have got such a gift im trying to learn to play the piano and sing
    this song at the same time and i have to know it all by march for a HUGE
    show… and this was such a help! you are amazing!!!!!

  7. Stella Campbell says:

    Hey I just wanted to thank you so much for inspiring me to get back into
    playing piano you are so beautiful and so are these songs that you put
    together to play. Your arrangements are flawless and I aspire to be like
    you, so thank you very much.

  8. Patricia B says:

    You are so talented!! I play the piano, too! This was awesome!!! I wish i
    could play the piano like you do! 

  9. Joshua Nicholas says:

    you should go on a talent show because i look at hundreds of pianists
    everyday and by far you are the best one there keep it up

  10. Bruce Lendrum says:

    Please do not take this wrong. Weight on your keyboard looks heavy on this
    video. You have been hitting with esp. R3 very heard. Have you read
    anything from Seymour Fink.
    I sure I had when I was your age. I currently use a very fast and light
    Sauter studio grand: it is much lighter and faster then the D S&S or 280
    Best of luck, Bruce

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