Music from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s first in-game trailer. Special thanks to Taioo for transcription and sheet music. Software used: Photoscore Sibelius 6 S…

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25 thoughts on “[Synthesia] Skyrim Main Theme (Taioo Piano Transcription)

  1. ZealousPhoenix245 says:

    And I’ll agree, that’s the bad thing. Companies seem to be genuinely more
    interested in sales than if they’re selling something…properly, for lack
    of a better term. One could say that it’s then left up to the parents, but
    some parents unfortunately don’t give a damn and let their kids do what
    they want. Then you have the ones who do, but the kids sneak around with it
    anyway. This is really an issue with too many fingers to point, too many
    people to point them at, and a whole lot of medians.

  2. somethingdarkandevil says:

    Another thing that annoys me is when they put there argument in capitals so
    that it would somehow magically make it sound like a better idea thing. ( I
    was not referring to you because you use them to bring attention to
    keywords in your argument. (part 2)

  3. IamHostilez says:

    I think your views are very limited as to what the average child should and
    shouldnt be able to do. Ratings are not a legal requirement as to the age
    that things are meant to be played/watched. if that were the case over half
    the worlds population of this generation would be incarcerated. they are
    more of guidelines for those parents who understand that their children may
    not be able to toletrate the violence and have no stomach for mature
    themes. even though some children would argue otherwise.

  4. somethingdarkandevil says:

    Read the rest of the other thread and then if you want to complain but
    there is a longer thread.

  5. Krzysztof Delestowicz says:

    So? Guns N’ Rsoes are using piano in their songs, listen to hmm.. for
    example November Rain. Axl Rose can play piano.

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