I wanted to try something new for my channel so I decided to play Oboe to cover one of my favorite anime, Sword Art Online. I majored in Performance of Music – Orchestral Instrument, Oboe…

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24 thoughts on “Sword Art Online 2 ED [Startear] Oboe and Piano Cover

  1. LordMallis says:

    Thanks for uploading this, it was a lot of fun to work on this piece =D
    Looking forward to working with you again, Kate ;)

  2. mandraxhair says:

    Is Oboe a common pick in Korea? Why did you choose it? I only have ever
    known one person to play it (as someone who also plays music). It sounds so
    clean and nice compared to clarinet.

  3. TheRandomMan20111 says:

    Not an SAO fan, but this cover is nice. Gives a little more character to a
    song I found a little boring. 

  4. Lucas Bernardes says:

    My god, instead of talking about how you dislike SaO, just appreciate Kate
    playing. Cause that was freaking beautiful :D

  5. TopsideTag says:

    Never watched the show but thoroughly enjoyed this, and I think I can agree
    with many viewers that we’d like to see more covers!

  6. PokemasterNP says:

    That was really good Kate! Nice to see you doing something music related.
    If you were to upload any more like this, I’m sure no one would complain.
    Keep up the good work Kate!

  7. Kurapika92 says:

    Oh, this was nice! I had no idea you could play the Oboe! 😀

    You know what would be awesome, though? A Hunter x Hunter ED 5, Hyori
    Ittai, cover!

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