Hey Guys I have found this for you if you like the song http://musescore.com/user/186458/scores/176233#

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19 thoughts on “Stella Artois- A perfect serve Piano Notes in description!!!

  1. TheMostRealDeal Ryan says:

    It is composed especially for the advertisement I will try to write piano
    music for it and get back to you all as quick as I can by ear

  2. Glenn Parry says:

    The music is by Eardrum music Michi Besler it is not commercially available
    unfortunately ..

  3. frazer parish says:

    The piano soundtrack was specially composed by Michi Besler of the German
    Eardrum music and sound design agency. It isn’t commercially available :’)

  4. Ben Perry says:

    will try and upload how to play it. just figured pout most of it. obviously
    just the piano part but will try in a moment.

  5. Lucy Newman says:

    The piece is actually called ‘the perfect serve at the poolside’. It seems
    that this piece of music was written purely for this advert.

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