How to play Souvenir Of China by Jean-Michel Jarre. Aaron Hart takes you through the chords of this beautiful piece note by note with on screen text to help you. If you share my taste in…

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Souvenir Of China Tutorial keyboard lesson piano notes chords
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13 thoughts on “Souvenir Of China Tutorial keyboard lesson piano notes chords

  1. 36012v64 says:

    Excellent !!!!There might be some wrong chord or whatever…but it still
    sounds OK to me. Thank you for breaking it up and I will definitely be
    giving it a go. Do more Jarre if possible.

  2. 36012v64 says:

    Hi Aaron…I have now learnt your version and it sounds fine to me. I have
    always wanted to play this tune but as I play by ear I couldn’t work out
    some of the chords. Many thanks and could you please do more Jarre

  3. dutchmatt1991 says:

    Arhhh thank you sooo much i have been lookin for this about 2 Years Fank
    youuu.. you dont know how much i apriciat this

  4. MayonnaiseRon says:

    Thanks Aaron! I’ve been looking to play this for about 15 Years!! (No
    kidding!) I’ve got it sorted now. (Just a thought…change the title of the
    video to “Souvenir of China keyboard lesson” You will get loads more hits!
    I had to trudge through Hell to find it on Youtube.) Thanks again!

  5. Aaron Wilde says:

    Not everyone has the same skills. I can tell major 7ths, dominant bass etc
    just by listening to it. but I’ve been doing it for years! Yet sometimes
    one chord can just seem to elude me, and I have no option but to sit at the
    piano and play the snippet over and over till I find it! It usually turns
    out to be a non-regular chord – ie one without a name!

  6. Gustavo F. says:

    Thank you @aaronfromhastings ! Know the song from LP has released,fell in
    love with it inmediately but now I was looking to learn it.I have skills
    too but you save me work,time play around untill I’ve got it.Minor
    key,turns this Beautifull Masterpiece so sad,and something listening
    without play neither knowing the chords -keeping distancies- ever reminded
    me some about the (wrong called) Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”:also in
    Cm,sequence is similar.Great work!Regards from Buenos Aires Argentina!

  7. markusmala says:

    Hey nice tutorial, I just posted another play version surfing around,
    slight chord differences here and there, good teaching job, cheers.

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