for the Chords 101 course and the rest of the videos! Plus help from me on the blog 🙂 This is a really cool trick you won’t find…

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25 thoughts on “Sliding Off the Black Notes – Grace notes and Blues Notes – Chords 101

  1. Chris Marx says:

    Hey No Prob! This is one of my favorite easy things to teach 🙂 It opens up
    a bunch of possibilities for people improvising!

  2. Daryl Ogalino says:

    Great video! just what i needed!! lol, but how do u get ur camera up there!

  3. GodIsMyAntiDrug says:

    Chopstix! A friend of mine told me I have to go to the one in Tacoma with
    him if I ever make it up that way. “Who knows, you may be playing too much
    Classical or something.” Hahaha. Oh, Chris.

  4. Chris Marx says:

    heaven forbid! Recently i’ve been playing in the seattle one more. Be sure
    and say hello!

  5. showbowt says:

    hey chrismarx thank you for sharing all of your knowledge in playing a beginner and i really learn most of my piano playing on
    youtube..more power to you guys who share and teach us how to play the piano

  6. Haim Mor Elgarisi says:

    I’ve been a on the classical side of piano for a while now but lately i’ve
    started to play blues and jazz. I began with all the famous standarts
    (Autumn Leaves etc…) and I learned how to improvise on the blues scale
    myself but it always sounded blank, not to mention it was also very
    repetitive. well.. I just found out about your vids and watched several and
    it already gave me some twists and ideas to implement. so all I really
    wanted to say was thank you very much! You’re doing a great job!

  7. alanlee119 says:

    hey, can you teach us how to play patterns for jazz accompaniment? I’ve
    been struggling with that 🙂 Songs like “The Way You Look Tonight” “It
    Might As Well Be Spring”

  8. Ronckie says:

    thanks for tutorials like this, with these ‘tricks’! I’m pretty much
    classical schooled so my improvision skills aren’t the best. Thanks so much
    for helping me loosen up 🙂 keep up the great work!

  9. andrew STEWART says:

    i dont even play piano but that gives me hope …i just dont have 2 hand
    coordination enough to play chords and complex stuff with my right
    hand…practice i guess i might get a keyboard and start 🙂

  10. hemant agarwal says:

    Dude…your lessons are soooo nice…very very practical yet soo simple!!!I
    love them …why did you stop making them 🙁

  11. Multishape says:

    LOL I accidentally “discovered” this myself. Then I was like “this is so
    damn useful it must be a common technique” AND there it is!

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