Video Copyrights: Bethesda Softworks Music Composer: Jeremy Soule Vocal / Guitar: Malukah Edit: ArtSoviet Please, vote & sub…

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25 thoughts on “Skyrim vs Malukah – Dragonborn Comes Main Theme Live Action

  1. Wenix100 says:

    @JoeyBoi897 i think they should make elder scrolls movie series about war
    beatween elfs and man so high elves(thalmors) lead elfs and nords lead man

  2. NinjaRacoonDelta2 says:

    @JoeyBoi897 Eh….. that doesn’t sound like a good idea. Whichever race
    they choose for the Dovakiin to be may make the other player’s adventures
    seem invalidated.

  3. Rachel Schoenly says:

    ooh, we would totally watch that. Great video & don’t you just love
    malukah’s voice?

  4. headcrabwarrior6161 . says:

    what village is this? you can tell its a stormcloak village by the guards
    but which one?

  5. AmericanMuscleCarLuv says:

    465 Dragonborns face the evil of dragons…..While 5 trolls took an arrow
    to the knee. 🙂

  6. saitominagi says:

    Movie definitely. Tv shows for the most part tend to drag on after the main
    idea is done and over with. They stretch it past the point where the show
    is dead, and it sorta kills the series. A movie collection on the other
    hand would focus on bringing the game to life, and know when to END it <3

  7. Sytherous says:

    Dual shows/movies, one focusing on good deeds and the other focusing on a
    darker side. If it was a tv show, it would not be surprising to see one
    episode showing both paths off and on (much as Game of Thrones switches
    between characters). For a movie, they might even have them clash against
    one another in the later stages. But you are correct, with the wide variety
    of options on paths to take, it would be hard to nail down which would be
    the better medium for showing it.

  8. Boss949 says:

    Agreed but it would be tricky to make one since the game has many outcomes.
    I’ll be best if the Dragonborn be somewhat neutral in the conflicts in the

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