Like on Facebook: Walk through the Streets of Whiterun at 3:45 Please read the description! Music of the magnificent Skryim…

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14 thoughts on “Skyrim: Main Theme & Streets Of Whiterun – Jeremy Soule | Piano Cover

  1. DaniPiANo says:

    Great as always:p I also enjoy your TSFH covers , I nearly finished undying
    love and think of doing skyworld next^^ do you know love & loss of tsfh??
    Listen to it its great, I try to learn it from other covers:) 

  2. StarCrusher says:

    I love the Skyrim soundtrack. I’m practicing the Main Theme at the moment
    myself, how long did it take you to play it this well?

  3. loonygoldfish says:

    Beautiful as usual 🙂 Would you consider doing a cover of ‘The opening by
    Francois- Paul Aiche’ please? It’s an amazing song

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