Just a quick edit that speeds up the theme and in the process changing the pitch as well…now a whole Nord Choir sounds like they have yet to break their vo…

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25 thoughts on “Skyrim Main Theme Sped Up (chipmunk-ed)

  1. astroprime says:

    haha i regreted ever hearing that version cuz now even though i know the
    proper lyrics of the whole song my mind still switches for me to that
    version 🙁 “fucking cool, oh my god” -.-

  2. Roonil Wazlib says:

    I’m only imagining a column of little midgety creatures in too-big armour
    shuffling along brandishing their weapons to this song.

  3. MrCrazzyJack says:

    Bwahahahahaa XD ahhahahahaaa ha haaaaa aha haaa ahahahhahahaa XD haaaaaaa
    aha haa

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