Written by Jeremy Soule, arranged by me Sheet Music: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?pdbdbnjl4mxu2rd No credit needed if you use the sheet music/tutorial.

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25 thoughts on “Skyrim Main Theme Piano Tutorial

  1. Jordan Devlin says:

    @MisterPenguinMusic with note blocks.. Don’t worry, I don’t get how they do
    it either… 😛

  2. ZETTABYTER says:

    @MisterPenguinMusic there are a specific blocks that can play notes when
    hit or powered by redstone, they form a 13 (correct me If i’m wrong) note
    span and by laying these, redstone and repeaters you can make a song

  3. Chiliplease says:

    i think for the second part where it’s “building up”, if you will, i the
    left hand octaves should not be “B, G, B, A, B, G, B, A”. the way my ear
    would want it is “B, G, B, A, (lower B), E, B, C#”. try it.

  4. SykoLiu says:

    @MisterPenguinMusic The other “issue” with the arrangement is the
    prevalence of open 5ths in the melody. It does sound a bit off, perhaps,
    but ’tis the nature of things when reducing an orchestral score, so I’d say
    that it’s not something to be too concerned about…. But, friendly
    criticism is helpful. Don’t take this the wrong way. Good job on this. Just
    thought I’d try and help a wee bit (things to think about for future

  5. Zachariah Renken says:

    @Quokkaraman Well, I mean, I play it in unison afterwards. There’s also the
    the sheet music. I don’t know what else could help you.

  6. DragonMaster1804 says:

    im not criticizing or anything, but isnt the beginning bass notes (where
    you played B, G, B, E), B, G, A, E ? like i said im not criticizing or
    hating, im just wondering. still good to say you played by ear 🙂

  7. Zachariah Renken says:

    @DragonMaster1804 I honestly have no idea what the “real” notes are. I’ve
    listened to the main theme many times, looking for the correct chords.
    These are the ones that I came up with, but I don’t know if they’re the
    ones Soule uses.

  8. DragonMaster1804 says:

    @MisterPenguinMusic yeah, i tried it myself and BGAE sounded better. You
    should try it, might improve your piece even further 🙂

  9. sisko9666 says:

    how can i learn to split hands i started to play piano but that is 1 thing
    i cant do, can some one tell me pls

  10. Alex Mo says:

    pffff do u recommend playing this when i only have like 2 years played
    piano? cuz it is just soooo awesome 😛

  11. TheMekana100 says:

    thank you) i don’t understand english in listening very well because i’m
    russian, but you speak so that i understand all your frases).. 

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