You can download the sheet music here: If you use these sheets at no credit is needed. Written by Jeremy Soule, arr…

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25 thoughts on “Skyrim Main Theme – Piano Solo

  1. gorrilabuttable says:

    i think i need the pedal. i dont think ill be able to play it as well
    without it. unless i practice a hell of a lot more.

  2. gorrilabuttable says:

    @MisterPenguinMusic oh. that sucks. i think i found the places to add it in
    though. i hope.

  3. btocoolman11 says:

    a lot of people made skyrim themes on the piano but this one and the four
    hand one are definitely the best

  4. Gyounen says:

    Good job man, your rhythm was near perfect, I played the real theme song at
    the same time, and it almost matches up perfectly.

  5. Zachariah Renken says:

    @MrExtraveganza Course! You can play, reproduce, or edit my music wherever
    you want. It would be nice, if someone asks, to tell people about channel,
    though. =)

  6. SFUChoir says:

    I’m working on arranging an acapella arrangement of Sovngarde for my choir
    right now and came across this… 🙂

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