I used to listen to Huw’s tunes, but then I took a…well, you know: http://huwrees.bandcamp.com/ Leave a like FOR SWEET ROLLS. FUS RO TUTORIAL: http://www.y…

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25 thoughts on “Skyrim – Main Theme (piano cover & tutorial)

  1. MRCENATION619 says:

    OMG! Mr Rees, I go to Malmesbury Secondary and I’d like to say your
    performance of Paradise was amazing!!!!

  2. XxBlackStormxX1 says:

    Excellent job man but it would be better if u make a tutorial or da
    sheet… Plz? Amazing cover man! Check out also stantough’s cover ‘CAUSE
    ITZ GREAT!!!!

  3. Josie Pyenta says:

    YOu are the MAN!! You sold me on Game of thrones…Now you hooked my son
    with Skyrim!!! God Bless You!!!

  4. Josie Pyenta says:

    You are the MAN!! You are so Awesome!! The epitome of cool!! Again this
    was enjoyed by myself and 5 kids…in Texas!!

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