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25 thoughts on “Skyrim (Main Theme) – Lindsey Stirling & Peter Hollens

  1. stickanproductions says:

    I looooooooooved! Somehow Reminds me of Swedish, Thought not at all. Funny

  2. Elle C says:

    For the last time, she’s very talented yes. But personally her
    personality.. is.. a bit too self-loving for “me”, and when I watch her
    dance it irks me. I do hope she continues to build her skill and
    performance to even worldlier horizons.

  3. Michael Zentz says:

    thats the guy hollens they work well toghether i love it please keep
    working together you complemt eachother very well . i know i don’t spell
    well you would never beleive i have a high iq but we all have gaps in our

  4. J AI says:

    Tremendous, absolutely fantastic such PASSION and HEART in it. Two great
    artists together bringing forth the feels. THE FEELS!

  5. alebre12 says:

    You should really think about selling sheet music for this. It would be
    awesome if a men’s chorus could sing this. 

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