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25 thoughts on “Skyrim MAIN THEME! – “Dragonborn” – Tay Zonday [1 hour]

  1. David Simanic says:

    Dude are you that lazy that you didnt remove “We are awsome and he loves
    us” part ?

  2. br4cula says:

    i really don’t see the point in removing that piece cause let’s be honest
    it’s awesome

  3. Brandon Smith says:

    Why are you people trash talking him just because he didn’t take out the
    part where “we are awesome and he loves us” part really if you don’t like
    it so much go make your own!

  4. Deano Davies says:

    My dad loves Skyrim, But if he doesn’t like this. He’s not going to be very
    happy LOL, but anyway Tay Zonday is the best singer I’ve heard 🙂

  5. Dani Snur says:

    honly shit i wasnt on my channel for ages and i just realized i have 92
    subs thank you guys if you whant a song of 1hour say the name and i will
    maybe make it.

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