Original soundtrack composed by Jeremy Soule / Julian Soule (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0fQWkk9Z6s) Skyrim’s original song is so powerful that… I just…

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25 thoughts on “Skyrim Main Theme (craftyFox remix)

  1. gtav73 says:

    i like it but kinda wished it was more blended in together like u show
    skyrim than dubstep than back to skyrim and than dubstep

  2. cerealkiller1124 says:

    I see your point. I deleted the additional parts of my first post which
    described the little differences, slow and melodic to orchestral to a
    martial beat with a choral segment. The point I was bringing across is that
    they are the same theme, The Call of Magic I think is the song’s name,
    using the same notes and chord changes, with little differences, or
    sprinkles, as you so colorfully put it. From Nerevar Rising to The Call of
    the Septims to Dragonborn, all variants of The Call of Magic.

  3. Yannick Barton says:

    Thanks guys for all the comments :). Had fun reading them haha :D. It’s
    hard to stay away from the influence of others’ music creations, especially
    if you like to go clubbing ;). So if it sounds a bit more like Pirates of
    the Caribbean than Skyrim, it might just as well do, but let’s put it like
    this: it’s often more difficult to find a song that does not sound like
    anything than one that does sound like something ;).

  4. shadowmaster1995 says:

    Good song mate may i use this song in my next video all credit for the
    music will go to you of course its up to you mate and if you could
    subscribe that would be awsome but yeah let me know if a may use it.

  5. Rooster says:

    This remix would sound better by itself without the skyrim in it. But then
    it wouldn’t be a remix.but us know what I’m saying

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