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24 thoughts on “Skyrim Dragonborn Main Theme played by a bard (Oignon Cover)

  1. timewasteland says:

    The flute part sounded more like Morrowind’s than Skyrim’s for some
    reason… Yet beautiful as it is.

  2. GreenDayRoxer1 says:

    Cool 🙂 I learned this song a week and looks like I went with the right
    tuning :p Thanks for opening up knowledge of a new tuning to me, it sounds
    really nice for writing heavy sounding metal pieces and allows for some
    cool harmonies as well.

  3. Derpenator says:

    Wow you are like the only person I’ve ever seen to make a recorder not
    sound like crap. Incredible :O

  4. JohnnyASDFASDFASDF says:

    Sounds so Morrowind-ish… (not saying it’s bad because of that, just
    sounds more like Morrowind than Skyrim)
    Nice work dude.

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