Another Skyrim piano arrangement, “Ancient Stones”. Hope you like it, there’s more to come! Arrangement by Scamper Music by Jeremy Soule Sheet Music: http://…

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25 thoughts on “Skyrim – Ancient Stones (Piano) [Sheet Music]

  1. prototype102010 says:

    Spent maybe 2 hours today playing this song… I’m proud to say i’m 14
    seconds in! If it weren’t for you Scamper, I’d have no interest in learning
    to read music, but it’s a vital skill all pianist must know!

  2. Drew Albritton says:

    I wish the sheet music was the same, the beginning you are playing sounds
    soooo much better then what is actually written. 

  3. halometroid says:

    the song is actually played in B major/ G# minor not Cb major/Ab minor. You
    wrote the chords for Bmajor mixed with Cb major on the piano sheet.

  4. Florian Müller says:

    You did an amazing job, dude! 😉 But the only thing that kinda annoys me is
    the fact that the sheet music has some mistakes…I don’t know if you did
    this on purpose, but I was so happy about playing it and then felt a bit
    disappointed when I saw some heavy differences ;D But no prob, I’ll arrange
    it myself! Keep playing tho! :D

  5. Jack O'Neill says:

    This is my favorite Skyrim song but out of all video games it had to be “To
    Galaxy” from Halo 4. My hair stands up every time I hear both of these
    magnificent musical pieces. I really enjoyed this video and you’ve earned a

  6. Henry Walton says:

    Hey Scamper! Thought I’d let you know that I used a few of your sheets in a
    Piano Skyrim Medley that I recorded ( credited of course )! I’d also like
    to thank you for uploading your sheets and recordings as this has been a
    huge inspiration for me to start me own channel.

    My Skyrim Medley : Skyrim Medley – Piano Solo

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