I start just below what I thought was C8, reach what I thought was C8 to C sharp 8 after a few attempts, and then work my way back down the piano range. I or…

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25 thoughts on “Singing All the Notes on the Piano (or the equivalent, one octave down)

  1. Ivan Dorin says:

    The first way I found to produce the highest sounds was to sing immediately
    after waking or before using my voice, which is what I did in this video.
    I’ve had a couple instances of being able to hit some of my highest notes
    after having sung for an extended period of time. My descent from C8 video
    sounds a little bit smoother. I’ve generally approached singing as using
    muscles that have to be put under some stress in order to get stronger. I
    haven’t noticed any damage.

  2. TheColonialKickass says:

    0:06 that is the last face I would see before being brutally murdered by a
    rusty sharp object.

  3. Aimi98 says:

    0:01 no offense but in that frame you look like butthead with that angry
    face on, made me laugh 😀

  4. Ivan Dorin says:

    I don’t have ready access to a full sized piano. I have some battery
    operated ones like the one I use in my highest note videos, but they don’t
    play the full range of notes. This doesn’t matter much on the high end, but
    when I sing the lowest notes, I find it harder to tell which note I’m
    singing when I sing outside the range of the battery operated pianos.

  5. Ivan Dorin says:

    I didn’t see all the episodes of Lost. Did anyone hear a sharp rusty note
    and then wake up on the island? Thanks for the funny comment (and thanks fo
    all the other people who’ve responded in various ways). I hope you survived
    the video.

  6. Notsew says:

    I watch the video, I laugh hysterically, I look at your comment, I watch
    the video again, I laugh twice as much, my stomach fucking hurts.

  7. Ivan Dorin says:

    No, I’m not Jim Carrey. I was compared to him before I got on YouTube,
    though, maybe because I have a relatively expressive face.

  8. Ivan Dorin says:

    I started this channel to promote my stories about characters that are the
    opposite of serial killers (they can refresh and copy organic matter,
    including their own cells, and can pass the ability on to other people).
    However, since many people are more afraid of becoming eternally young than
    they are of dying, being a serial life giver can be a difficult job.

  9. Ivan Dorin says:

    Thanks for letting me know. The Reddit views seem to be small percentage of
    the total, though. There have been some more from Facebook, but the
    greatest number have come from an unknown embedded player somewhere.

  10. Ivan Dorin says:

    The piano is there to be played and draw people into the mall. There were
    very few people who heard this because it was early in the shopping day,
    the place was almost empty, and I wasn’t singing very loudly. I didn’t feel
    awkward because someone might be watching, but because most musical
    practice is awkward. Almost any attempt to develop one’s voice, including
    the extension of range, is going to exercise untrained muscles in new ways
    and produce a less than ideal sound.

  11. Jackey Gibney says:

    So this is the video you were tellin me about. Had to watch it. I have no
    idea how you do that. I wont even attempt or I wont be able to sing at
    Karaoke this Friday. You should seriously do some actual singing on You
    Tube. I finally put a song up without a pic of my cat and decided to use my
    actual name for a youtube account since no one seemed to know who I was.

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