I’ve been practicing reading up high on the staff, and I created this little exercise. You can download a free PDF of the …

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13 thoughts on “Sight Reading Piano Notes High on the Staff

  1. Nathan Andersen says:

    It’s the key signature, which appears briefly, each time the pattern
    changes keys. Google key signature for more info.

  2. hdrevolution123 says:

    Your website- if it’s your’s- is amazing! I Hope to PERFECT my sight-read
    with that site and you’d be my guidance 🙂

  3. Jacob Foster says:

    what i want to know is what individual sounds all those notes make and what
    they’re called and what sounds the letters make as well and how to identify
    them. Thanks.

  4. Filmskra says:

    Wait a second..I don’t know how t read that how do u know if it equals
    abcdefg in the high notes AND low notes…someone respond detailed!!!! HELP
    im 13

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