I’ve had so many request to cover this song. #Loranators, I decided to create a piano cover for you. Hope you like my version! XóXó Chanel Chanel Lóran Links: http://www.chanelloran.com…

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25 thoughts on “SIA – CHANDELIER ( Piano Cover by Chanel Lóran)

  1. Waldo says:


  2. Amanda Stewart says:

    Absolutely flawless ! My favorite to date. Beautiful song, amazing voice,
    breathtaking scenery and GORGEOUS girl = PERFECTION

  3. Musique4ever says:

    Wow !!! Your voice is better than before !!! And I absolutely love it !
    You’re so beautiful and your voice too !!! It’s very hard to sing this song
    so congratulations!!! You’re fantastic ! ❤️

  4. John WS says:

    As soon as I saw the title I thought this should showcase your vocal range,
    and it certainly did Chanel! Also wanted to say that you look fabulous in
    that outfit. Love John xx

  5. Jeff Williams says:

    This was amazing Chanel. I have always considered this song to be one of
    the hardest songs to do. You rocked it like it was nothing. You were
    perfect. Awesome job. and I’m totally blown away

  6. DerTraumzauberer says:

    2 years ago I saw the first time a video of you and you grown up and your
    voice too.
    Sry for my English, ist not my first language.

  7. Keith Magnus says:

    All around amazing cover, +Chanel Lóran right in your wheelhouse and you
    certainly killed it as proof! Gorgeous cover, great piano accompaniment.
    Peace <3

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