This is a cover I did of the dwarf song in the new Hobbit trailer! SHEET MUSIC: I transcribed sheet …

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25 thoughts on “Sheet Music – The Hobbit Dwarves Song on Piano (Misty Mountains)

  1. Prvosienko says:

    Ehm, can I ask? why the heck is this trancribed into G MINOR? it sucks
    hard. There is always Natural before each E note, as well as the first and
    last chords of songs are D, which clearly indicates D minor song, no damn G
    minor. Pls explain why did you put it in G minor. That doesnt make sense.

  2. vaspen12 says:

    One great thing from downloading songs from youtube. Of you ever feel like
    giving up or you lost hope in yourself you just listen to these videos and
    you are fully motivated once again 🙂

  3. Татьяна Грехова says:

    Sheet Music – The Hobbit Dwarves Song on Piano (Misty Mountains)

  4. cakeules says:

    it’s great! but i can’t download the sheet music for some reason…
    everytime i click the download link, it just refreshes the page

  5. Ewa Dolińska says:

    Well i play the piano and for post of the video i thought that i’ll
    probably practise and i will do it but than the super duper fast amazing
    part started and i was like wow 0_0

  6. HaTRiCeL says:

    I now learn this song , but only the first part and when i watched this i
    smashed my forehead on my piano keyboard :S
    O.o ;)

  7. Sam Ticoffa says:

    It says “The file link that you requested is not valid. Please contact link
    publisher or try to make a search.” Can someone please help?

  8. Chessna Tschaikowsky says:

    I love it and want to play it! But for some reason the download link for
    the sheet music isn’t working (at least for me), so could you refresh it?

  9. Pavendaw Lego says:

    I am finding this SO HARD to learn at the moment (I’m only grade 5! – its
    like a grade 7 piece)

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