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Lyrics : [Charlie Puth] It’s been a long day without you my friend And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again We’ve come a long way from where we began Oh I’ll tell you all about…

24 thoughts on “See You Again – 1 HOUR loop [Furious 7 OST]

  1. Paul…
    Thanks for all you make for me, and to the others…
    “If One Day Speed Kills me, do not cry because i was smiling”
    R.I.P Paul Walker Forever :’)

  2. Every day i hear this song, every time i see a pic or vid of Paul cant
    believe he’s gone what an amazing actor, rip Paul all respect to you, hes
    drifting in heaven right now.

  3. 1st Time Hearing: Ehh
    3rd Time Hearing: Its okay I guess…
    5th Time Hearing: I like it
    7th Time Hearing: I love it
    10th Time Hearing: It’s my life ♥♥

  4. Little girl: mom why do the best people die??

    Mom: Which flowers do you pick when you’re in the garden

    Little Girl: The most beutiful ones

  5. I can’t begin to describe how amazing this song is, and all the emotions it
    digs up. It’s been a long day without you dad, but I can’t wait to tell you
    all about it.

  6. Waiting for 10 hour version…Heard this song once and couldn’t stop
    *I also remixed this song as a tribute to* +Paul Walker I would appreciate
    your support guys

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