Virtual Sheet Music presents the famous Schubert’s Ave Maria for Voice and Piano. Subscribe to our channel to watch w…

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15 thoughts on “Schubert’s Ave Maria piano and vocal sheet music – Video Score

  1. Lizspringhill says:

    This is incredibly beautiful. If only I could play like that. Thanks for
    your channel on You Tube. Just love it.

  2. Rich Kaz says:

    The sheet music is great and the quality of it…but could you perhaps post
    a live performance of this? Midi ruins eveyrthing..

  3. Virtual Sheet Music says:

    @Martel211996 The problem is that the score is perfectly synchronized with
    our own provided Mp3 files. Please, be aware that our Mp3 audio files are
    made just for practice and educational purposes. Thanks for your feedback!

  4. Caylin Murray says:

    I have to relearn this by friday for May Crowning so this helped SOOOOOOOOO
    much. Thank YOU SOOO much for your help!!!

  5. UsagiChan says:

    This is such a relief to find! My crazy school choir master tried to get us
    to learn this without the music, when no-one in the choir knew it… it was
    impossible XL

  6. tubatag says:

    I feel your joy. That sounds like a tough trial by fire experience. Been
    there! Glad for both of us virtualsheetmusic was kind enough to spell it
    out for both of us.

  7. Bill Kong says:

    The nice thing about this piece: Ass a bass, I can mostly just read the
    soprano part while pretending the Treble clef was a Bass.

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