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14 thoughts on “Rude – MAGIC! (Saxophone Sheet Music)

  1. Lennart Steeb says:

    Very Nice!!:)
    Could you please do “forget you” by cee lo green? Would be so awesome!:D

  2. Andrew Zamora says:

    Awesome!!! Could you please tell me what programs you use??? What sheet
    music program, how do you upload online, and how do you record?? Thanks a

  3. SaxKing4Life says:

    Hey! So, I have played all of the sax sheets that you have posted, and
    have been around ever since the awesomist days, and I really would like to
    thank you for putting time and effort into each piece to make it your best,
    and honestly I really can’t wait until more comes out! Keep up the amazing
    work, man!

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