Robotics;Notes (OST) オリジナルサウンドトラック 『科学が見る夢』Piano arr.EgOistHiuMan HQ Facebook: short verSHEET:…

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19 thoughts on “Robotics;Notes (OST) オリジナルサウンドトラック 『科学が見る夢』Piano arr.EgOistHiuMan HQ

  1. ZackyAnimePiano~ says:

    LOL u so funny. $1 haha. I wish ppl can donate to me too.. but im not old
    enough to create a paypal account ;(

  2. Zacky63236~ says:

    Synthesia up. I need the english title of this song. And I edited the video
    a little. Hope you like it 😀

  3. Anime pianist Narutimate77~ says:

    Nice to hear someone else playing robotics notes song…….loved how the
    name of the anime has the word robots in it but its not the main focus

  4. Anime pianist Narutimate77~ says:

    Subscribed way before and liked this……which part of the anime does this
    music play?

  5. Diamondketo Piano says:

    I think the donation link is wrong. I made one myself and it should take
    you to the donation page.

  6. EgOistHiuMan Piano says:

    thank you haha..i forgot which part. Recently,i listen this song
    .Suddenly,i want to do transcript XD

  7. Diamondketo Piano says:

    Oh didn’t know what you meant back then. That sucks. Well guess what I had
    my donation up for months and I made: $0.00

  8. yummicake1211 says:

    Ahh~ This sounds so sweet. 🙂 Great job displaying the emotions of this
    OST! You never cease to amaze me! Looking forward to more updates, although
    I might not leave a comment every time because I’m vacationing in Taiwan~
    :p Hope you enjoy your summer! :DD

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