Learnt by ear!Hey there. Halfway done watching this anime. Exams also just around the corner but that wont stop me from making videos. Like,comment and subsc…

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9 thoughts on “Robotics;Notes Opening 1: Junjou Spectra (純情スペクトラ)by Zwei- Piano Cover

  1. ZackyAnimePiano~ says:

    Nice cover dude. It sounds like those kind of epic songs I heard during my
    younger days.. Keep going! ^^

  2. Animenz Piano Sheets says:

    Regarding your notation software… *cough* You can always loók for a
    torrent of the full version…. (I use sibelius 6 btw)

  3. Anime pianist Narutimate77~ says:

    Anyways……Thanks for checking out my video and i finally torrented
    sibelius 😀

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