This song is called: Walking Along With You. I have provided the first sheet of the song. (note some of the scores are slightly different in the recording is…

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25 thoughts on “Amazing Music Sheet!

  1. LoveNSpiresOC says:

    Very nice music, sad and hopeful at the same time! ( = *liked* Thank you
    for sharing Hope you have a blessed day!

  2. Renee Vester says:

    without doubt the most haunting and beautiful piano ballard i’ve had the
    pleasure to listen to…as good as any chopin could aspire to be. Keep up
    the good work…there’s no doubt that your music will probably be
    recognised and used in some movie sometime.

  3. Ujames1978Forever says:

    Dear Michael, This is a beautiful, waltz-like piano piece. I simply can’t
    help swaying from side to side as I listen. And thank you very much on
    behalf of all of the musicians who will benefit from the sheet music 🙂

  4. Joel Victores-Martinez says:

    Hey Michael, all I can say is that I Iove your compositions. Very touching
    and melodics. I am learning right now “It’s hard to say good bye”. All your
    songs are beautiful. Great job my friend. I wish I could buy all your songs
    in a compounded book or something like that. If you email me directly we
    can maybe do some business, I mean, if I bye all your songs ( the sheets)
    would you give me some discount? Again, thanks for your music, it is very
    inspirational. Joel

  5. Gemma Pettersen says:

    Amazing music but I agree with ovidiuR about the first impression I get
    from the title. It sounds cocky and egotistical. I really do love to listen
    to it though. I can just forget everything and focus when I hear it

  6. Daniela Villaverde says:

    Me encantan tus canciones. No tengo mucho escuchándolas y aun me faltan por
    escuchar y me fascinan, Hacen que froten sentimientos y emociones. Muy
    buenas la verdad.

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