The sheet music can be found on my website! The book of my face: Want to support my transcriptions? Dona…

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Robotics;Notes ED2 – Topology (Piano Transcription) The sheet music can be found on my website! The book of my face: Want to support my transcriptions? Dona…
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25 thoughts on “Robotics;Notes ED2 – Topology (Piano Transcription)

  1. anime pianist ishter-kun~ says:

    Well of course. WhyNot always have great releases, and the subtitles are
    very fluid compared to other fansubs. Keep up the great work~

  2. anime pianist ishter-kun~ says:

    Alright, I changed the description link from “MAL” to “Anime that I’m
    currently watching”.

  3. Rowan Sörelid says:

    Yes it’s very good, but I highly advise you watch Steins;Gate (if you
    haven’t already) before you see this series.

  4. anime pianist ishter-kun~ says:

    Agh, that equalizer issue might have been why the bass has been so muddy as
    Mushy pointed out… >progression Yep, that was my main focus with this
    transcription, although I also tried to incorporate some of your “symmetry”
    style of transcribing in some parts~ It kinda feels good when someone
    notices these small details… ;_; Thanks bro.

  5. Michael Joshua Gustilo says:

    TehIshter.. Do you do requests? If yes, can you please play “Kimi He” from
    Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai Lite?

  6. Sarah Valori says:

    I love the relationship Tehishter and Animenzzz have with each other!
    You’ve helped each other improve so much and us viewers see it. I wish both
    of you luck! ^^

  7. J Karl says:

    Hello Ishter, I was wondering if you’ll ever be remaking OP from NHK ni
    Youkoso. I really liked your arrangement but the video was deleted along
    with your previous account. It would be really great to hear you play the
    piece again.

  8. François-Xavier Thomas says:

    Hey, it’s been a while since I’ve made a musical post. So, here I was,
    hunting for the great picks of the last season, when I found this simple
    yet beautiful arrangement of Robotics;Notes’ magnificent second ending.
    I’ll let you be the judge!


  9. Uneliasmarsu says:

    tried to learn this song as my first piece that i’ve ever learned 100% but
    gave up at 0:55 because it got too hard ;__;

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