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25 thoughts on “Robotics;Notes ED2 – Topology (Piano Transcription)

  1. I was thinking about when you gonna play this, then you just upload the
    video. Amazing as always!

  2. Well of course. WhyNot always have great releases, and the subtitles are
    very fluid compared to other fansubs. Keep up the great work~

  3. Alright, I changed the description link from “MAL” to “Anime that I’m
    currently watching”.

  4. Yes it’s very good, but I highly advise you watch Steins;Gate (if you
    haven’t already) before you see this series.

  5. Agh, that equalizer issue might have been why the bass has been so muddy as
    Mushy pointed out… >progression Yep, that was my main focus with this
    transcription, although I also tried to incorporate some of your “symmetry”
    style of transcribing in some parts~ It kinda feels good when someone
    notices these small details… ;_; Thanks bro.

  6. TehIshter.. Do you do requests? If yes, can you please play “Kimi He” from
    Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai Lite?

  7. I love the relationship Tehishter and Animenzzz have with each other!
    You’ve helped each other improve so much and us viewers see it. I wish both
    of you luck! ^^

  8. Hello Ishter, I was wondering if you’ll ever be remaking OP from NHK ni
    Youkoso. I really liked your arrangement but the video was deleted along
    with your previous account. It would be really great to hear you play the
    piece again.

  9. Hey, it’s been a while since I’ve made a musical post. So, here I was,
    hunting for the great picks of the last season, when I found this simple
    yet beautiful arrangement of Robotics;Notes’ magnificent second ending.
    I’ll let you be the judge!


  10. tried to learn this song as my first piece that i’ve ever learned 100% but
    gave up at 0:55 because it got too hard ;__;

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