Alexis Weissenberg, piano, Chicago Symphony, Georges Prêtre, cond. Please read the original album notes by Alexis Weissenberg here:…

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25 thoughts on “Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto #3 (Weissenberg 1968) [with score]

  1. QwertyAzerty2009 says:

    that’s a really nice quality score! didn’t see any this clear on the
    petrucci library. which one is it?

  2. Mark-Alexandre BLAZE says:

    Hello. I have looked for the audio file on SoundCloud, but I didn’t find
    it. Would you mind uploading it again?

  3. Michael Gast says:

    Thanks for this! I spent an afternoon with Jack Pfeiffer, the producer, in
    the mid-1980s. The CD of Horowizt’s live Rach 3 had just been completed and
    we listened to it in his office at RCA. I didn’t know Jack had the same
    association with Weissenberg and this concerto. Weissenberg was a genius.

  4. sineporf says:

    I’m entranced with the part at 8:03 – 9:02. I don’t even know how to define
    how perfect this set of notes is.

  5. Markarian says:

    All I can do is pretend to play this on my piano, and when I occasionally
    pick out just a tiny passage, I can imagine for a precious instant what it
    would be like to pour the soul and splendor of this piece into a
    magnificent Steinway on a world stage with an orchestra pit at my feet.
    Then I stumble and timidly shrink back into covering video game
    soundtracks. But either way, this music will always be a part of me. 

  6. davlak says:

    despite his technique and his ability to perform an extensive repertoire,
    due to his modesty and his composure he was one of the most underrated
    pianists of the last century, but I used to love him, though. this 3rd
    concert from Rachmaninov shows his greatness.

  7. puccinislarondine says:

    My favorite concerto! Thanks for the score… I might have to buy it now.
    (NOT because I can play it, but because it’s fun to follow along.)
    I’ve never heard this pianist but I like certain things he does and it was
    an enjoyable performance. THANKS for sharing! :)

  8. Keith Jones says:

    This is great playing. Thanks for sharing. I have Weissenberg’s
    recordings of the 2 Chopin Concertos, and they are really beautiful. 

  9. jmdeheredia says:

    les repères [1] ….à…… [6]….. et plus sont ordonnées suivant quellle
    logique !!!
    la reprise du deuxième thème espressivo 3.55 est en Sib mj puis en Mib mj

    sera reprise dans III mvt ” finale ” [45] page 53 …p 64 |55] à la 35ème
    minute ….
    quelles sont les différentes tonbalités de ces reprises des thèmes 2 et 3 

  10. Ivan Zou says:


  11. Franklin Torres says:

    The end part of the third movement (Vivacissimo) truly can’t be explained
    with words. Although there is not need to understand it, only listen…
    and cry

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